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Makeing the Best of it, our New World awaits.

This is my first blog for a very long time and comes as I sit here updating my web page.

With very few races still on, our race season is slowly disappearing. But this time could be used to make 2021 your best ever! How many of us stretch enough? Does strength training normally fit into your ideas? Do you really ride/run far enough (or too far) on a regular basis to create an effective base level of fitness (overtraining, is a very real problem for some athletes). Time to reflect on what you have done in the ‘Old World’.

Our ability to train for triathlon has been severely curtailed, so supplement it with the training you can do at home. Which could, in fact, improve your long term racing ability. For me, we all need to get some effective strength and core training done, three-four times a week. Also, create a stretch routine you can complete as often as you can. Hopefully, this filters into your ‘New World’ training regime. Helping improve physical conditioning and reduce time lost to injury.

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