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How do you Carry on Training??

There are many bloggs, magazine articules, u tubers etc telling us what we should be doing at the moment without access to swimming pools, gyms and even space to train. But we need to think about why we are doing these things , extra strength of flexibility are great, but we need to chnage how we as individuals train and evolve that into our training model for future seasons.

What lockdown has done is made us do is look at what is best for us, without a race season !!

But for many of us we rely on challenges (and therefore goals) to motivate and inform our training. Which is why i have set up these challenges for athletes i know and have worked with in the past and present. These are realistic distances and the challenge is about who improves most, not who is fastest !! They will will equally work for the seasoned ironman athlete of the new spritn distance athlete.

So here is our challenge for 2020 !

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