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Slaves to the plan,how flexible can we be !

Time for a bit more reading, Term strats again tomorrow.

So we have snow , ice , flood warnings and the nightmare of trying to 'follow the training plan '. Deciding what safe training we can do Cycling at best is miserable and dirty, running much the same without the added fun of puddles and white vans.

A trip to the Pool or Gym is a great option, its warm and always there . But you need to be prepared to alter your sessions ie drills are likely to be difficult with added obstacles in the 'swim lanes'. Time swimming is never a waste, feel for the water is essential and even a quick dip is going to help you towards your goal.

Using treadmills and gym bikes might not be ideal, but far better than picking up an injury from a slip or fall. As athletes we can also be more susceptible to picking up sniffles and bugs ( because our bodies are weakened from our training, using our inflammatory system to 'repair and adapt', making us faster athletes). A three hour ride could involve us soaked to the skin and cold for a long period of time, so if you feel a little under the weather whys risk three or four days off from training ?

So think on ! Is it essential to get out in this weather ( sometimes it is without a shadow of a doubt), am i healthy, can i swap this session indoors ( three hours on the turbo is a killer), or swap the session for another day and use today as a rest day.

The key to a really effective training, is be flexible and know why you are doing each session. This enables you alter things when weather or real life gets in the way. Reducing that guilty feeling and reduced your slave like tendancies to 'The Plan'.

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