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2017 New Ideas

Happy New Year !!!!!!!

I've just finished writing the first block of training for several athletes new season !

The pleasure of amending each block for the individuals abilities and goals, really makes the process really exciting. With many of the modern theories and their implications being part of the make up of the plans and my coaching sessions being amended by these results based hypothesis.

Polarisation is a hot and modern topic at the moment, with many people not really understanding the concept and use a broad brush towards their coaching. The most important thing to focus on is the 80% of sessions ( not total training time) training below Lactate Threshold zone ( roughly 65-75% max HR). This is all about training your Economy in all three disciplines, making your body increasingly efficient at using fats as a energy source.

This is what all of my athletes will be focusing on for 80% of the time, the other 20% of sessions are very different from last year, all with the express intention of working in and around where athletes VO2 max will occur (again a rough idea, except for those athletes i've worked in the Science Labs).

These aren't the only differences, but i cant let you know everything !!!!! Im very excited about the results we will be seeing in the next couple of months, even before the season starts.

I have three spaces left for my training plans, so if you or you know someone who is interested please do contact me.

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