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Old Dog Learning New Tricks !

Its been an amazingly busy week;

Lecturers on Monday and Tuesday,a presentation given on age related changes in physiology of an endurance athlete. My first Swim Analysis sessions of the winter on Tuesday, School Cross Country and Turbo training on Wednesday, meetings after work on Thursday and Essay writing on Friday. U13 Rugby on Saturday morning and some Lab work at Medway park on Sunday ! Oh and a full time job.

But sat here now it all feels worth it, guiding athletes to improve and enjoy there performance, is a real honour. Seeing the U13s stand up to some kids twice their size ( literally), using skills and a plan we have been working on over the past month, really gave my tired brain a boost. They all did what they needed to do and kept a positive attitude, ending up loosing by 10 points, to a side that beat them by over 40 points last year.

With that in mind my lectures and the essay im writing are lighting the way for me to adapt and improve my coaching. Many elements of my coaching have been based on experience and 'common practice', but sometimes we do thing because we are told to rather than actually know why ! I've not been too far off , but im getting some amazing incite into how to polish those ideas to really get the best from my athletes.

Im really looking forward to evolving the coaching plans im writing to incorporate a variance on periodised training , with some exciting results in some recent Journals. So keep an eye on Mr T athletes, cos they are going to be moving fast come the season !

Just a quick look at one of my goals, improved running economy. How am i going to do it ??????? I will let you know in the next few weeks.

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