Qualification is just the start

Great news this week, i've qualified for the European Middle Distance Triathlon Championship in Denmark and the European Aquathlon Championship in Slovakia. This will be my third year as a GBR Age Grouper and have really enjoyed the whole experience . Meeting some great and inspiring people.. I will also be attending as 'Coach' as i have 5 athletes racing over the two events, so looking forward to some good results and Pictures !!

Training is picking up and the CX bike is loaded with bright lights and a power meter, but and minimum of an extra 3hrs a week is required. Running in the dark is ok with the head torches and the brightest Jacket in the world and to be honest, i've always preferred run training in the winter, but longer runs are required and lots of them. My Msc lectures and the need to drive to work and Uni are playing havoc with my normal training routine, but that all changes next term with only one lecture a week. So happy with what im doing, except the lack of swimming (which changes tomorrow).

This weeks lectures have really interested me, Goal Setting and Training Loads. Polarised training is by far in the way the most effective way of training 80% of sessions below threshold and 20% above turn point. But still some of the coaches i share athletes with seem to prescribe the work 'harder' rather than 'smarter'.

I have always prescribed to polarised training, with training altering in line with where we are in the season (periodisation). But have sometimes been swayed by athletes wanting to train 'properly', meaning hard interval sessions or hill reps. When in reality to improve 'running / cycling / economy', we need to be doing 4 out of 5 session at an easy pace. I'm also amazed at the amount of clubs that are doing high intensity rep as part of there winter training, which disappear in the summer ????

This week will involve me getting back in the water, finishing my first essay and doing my last Lab visit for a study im taking part in. So busy busy as alway.

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