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Field Testing and a Long Lab Ride

Another busy week, two days a Uni and helped out with some field testing with the Football and Basketball Academy students.

Working with three other MSc students to help Tony ( The Sport Scientist working on his PHd, with the Canterbury Institue of Sport). 10m sprint, 20min sprint, Standing Jump, T runs, Yo yo and seated 3kg push pass. So great athletes out there and several who are really going to get the benefit of strength and conditioning. Im looking forward to seeing the improvements in January !!

My Psychology lecture has opened up a new interest in 'Mindfulness', ive heard lots about it, we have a teacher at school running sessions with several classes and volunteers and it seems almost Utopian . We did a brief meditation and discussed a very brief overview of how it has evolved in the 'West' and how it has evolved into a more mainstream environment.

I have therefore decided to write my essay on how 'Mindfulness' can support Injury Recovery ! Its a relative new area, but its excited me to read more.

Have a look at what the do at the academy (there is even a picture of me and a few of my academy athletes).

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