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Training Again

Mojo is back and managed to get out on the Cyclocross bike and some lovely runs in the Autumn sunshine, some lovely trails around the Canterbury.

I've also been busy over the week off from school , spending two days in the Sports Science Lab. Dragging along Joey Davies and Ben Kent to be our Ginea Pigs ( Thank you Gents), both doing a Lactate Threshold test and the 10mins later a VO2 max test. These are great tests to set up max heart rate and to identify threshold training zones, in a highly accurate manner.

I myself also did two tests, as part of a study being conducted by the University of Kent. This involved a Lactate threshold test to establish my first threshold point. This was done by increasing the power i was cycling at every 3mins and blood being taken and analysed at the end of each 3min. The blood is tested to see how much Lactate is present , at a given power output; until the level reaches above 4 mmol/l ( which is above your 2nd threshold point).These levels will inform my training zones over the next 4 weeks.

Back to work tomorrow and a Phychology lecture, so off to do my reading.

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