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My First Blog

This is first attempt at a blog.

Something i targeted for myself to do as part of a 'Talent ID' programme im part of with Kent Sport.

I will quickly review my past 5 weeks, which seem to have gone by in a whirl;

Last race of the season went rather well, totally to plan, but really feel i raced within myself. But very happy.

The next day i start my MSc in Sports Science in Optimal Performance , which has really open my mind both academically and practically . Being a mature student has really come alot more easily to me than i expected, after a more relaxed approach in my Undergraduate course. The practical element of the course has seen me take part in some PHd studies and complete Lab testing on athletes myself.

Training has almost completely stopped and DIY jobs and homemaking have been at the forefront of my mind. But tomorrow it all starts again, goals being set and i i will divulge more next week.

Goal setting , have you done it yet for 2017 ??

My last race 'New Forest Middle Distance' went really well and totally to plan ( slightly smug i know, but i know now i can go faster).

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