Personalised Training Plan


After an initial meeting and discussion on your goals and what you want from your plan, we will create a personalised periodised plan that will incorporate your own lifestyle and time requirements.


Therefore a fully personalised plan to fit in around your family or work commitments. This will slowly increase your fitness and speed in line with your goal race / event. You will be given your plan on a four weekly basis, meaning that each new block of training is informed by the last. So if you get an injury or are unable to train for unforeseen reasons we can adapt your plan to reduce the potential for injury while maximising your effective training time.


The advantage of having a plan is that Mr T will be watching you! Therefore we will able to advise you on your completed training and 'prompt you' when you're not training. There are also regular coaching sessions locally, so you will able to join in and gain some direct 1:1 time at no extra cost.


You won’t be limited to contact and we will be more than happy to discuss things as they come up in your training life via email and telephone.

           TRAINING PLANS                               PRICE LIST(per Month)
Personalised Training Plan; Single Sport                            £45
Personalised Training Plan; Triathlon                                £60
Personalised Training Plan; Swi, Bike or Run Plus               £75
Personalised Training Plan; Triathlon Plus                          £110
Langton Training Squad                                                   Price on application
1:1 Training Session                                                        £45 per Hour


                 Personalised  Training Plan; Single sport

You will receive all the benefits of the Personalised Training Plan, but your focus will be on improving your chosen discipline ie swim, cycle or run. Therefore, you will receive a focused training plan for sport including session plans and individual drills.


We will therefore do a technique analysis. This would then inform us of which areas of your technique need tweaking to make you a more efficient. The information gathered will determine the drills and training session that will be most appropriate to support your development.


You will be continually monitored on how you are doing and on the fourth week of every block we will do a time trial, to see how you are improving.

           Personalised Training Plan; Triathlon


You will receive all the benefits of the Personalised Training Plan, but your focus will be on improving your all round ability. Therefore you will receive a focused training plan for a balanced plan, which could including session plans and individual drills.


After an initial phase of training we will introduce some technique drills, which will become important part of your training. We will also use video analysis to identify any potential weakness in your technique.


Within the training plan we will use several metrics; Heart Rate, Power, Critical Swim Speed, Threshold pace and Speed. We will ascertain your appropriate levels and zones through regular time trials and update your training plans accordingly. This will enable you to improve on a progressive and controlled manner, in a timely and efficiant manner.

           Personalised Training Plan; Cycle Plus


You will receive all the benefits of the Personalised Training Plan, but your focus will be on improving your cycling further. Therefore you will receive a focused training plan for cycling, including session plans and individual drills.


We work with Black Cat Cycle Coaching on this plan, they will do one of a number of Power based Cycle assessments to ascertain your 'Power' and your Maximal heart rate. This information will then become the basis for your Cycling specific training plan. All your training will be based on these figures, so as you improve we will have to retest you to make sure your training zones are appropriate for you to improve effectively.


There will be opportunity of joining in with local rides and catch-up, just to touch base.



           Personalised Training Plan; Triathlon Plus


This plan will use all the resources we have at our disposal to get you faster. Video analysis of all three sports, with drills recommended to improve technique and efficiency. Testing will be done every forth training week, to see that you are progressing as expected, this is where we can alter the training plan to really enable you to reach your potential.


Your training plan will give you a full description for each session and will be fully prescriptive, using heart rate, rate of perceived effort, power, run speed, critical swim speed etc. with a progressive plan in place, working toward your goal.


The opportunity to join in coached training session will regularly offered, which will enable us to do some direct work on a regular basis, if required. This will really benefit you when motivation begins to wain or while doing transition skills. As well as swim, bike and run technique guidance.

           1:1 Training Session


1:1 session can be one off technique work at a local swimming pool or your first open water swim session or a set of progressive training session with a goal in mind such as improve run time by 2min.


Training drills / technique work are also great to be observed by a another person, making sure you are biomechanically training correctly, will save injuries 


These session will be really personlised and you will be motivated in a way that you respond too. Using these psychological tools maximise your effort and time. Enabling you to train in a time efficient manner, with a highly qualified Triathlon Specific coach. Making all our sessions pointed toward you goal and with good technique at the heart of what we do.