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We have a variety of different levels of training plan. But all are individualised to your lifestyle and ability.


The importance of letting us take the stress away from you, is twofold. The safety of the athlete is paramount, as a healthy injury free performer is able to train more effectively and consistently and is more likely to reach their potential.


Another advantage is that if 'real life' does rear its head and injury, family or work  commitments start limiting you training. We can alter and amend your plan to support you and get you back on track.





As an experienced coach of both Junior and Senior athletes, we are able to offer group sessions for all needs. From one off club sessions, to a progressive winters Turbo Training programme.


Often the most daunting parts of your first triathlon is the open water swim and transition (from swimmer to cyclist and cyclist to runner). So we are able to put on specialist orientation days that will reduce your anxiety about your big day.





For those of you requiring that extra level of training and seeking the full advantage of having a Tri Specific Coach. We are able to use modern technology to support your technique development.


These 1:1 sessions will be specific to you and purely focused on the increased efficiency of your technique to improve your times and reduce the possibility of short and long term injuries.


Whether you want a one off session or a series of training sessions we can accommodate your needs.

           TRAINING PLANS                               PRICE LIST(per Month)
Personalised Training Plan; Triathlon                                 £65
Langton Training Squad                                                   Price on application
1:1 Training Session                                                        £45 per Hour
Training Plans (Ironman and 70.3)                                    Click Here
Training Plans (Beginners, sprint and Standard Distance)     On request


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